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Managua ­ Rivas ­ Ometepe

Take an express bus to San Jorge ( Rivas ) in the Roberto Huembes market in Managua ( 2 hours). In San Jorge you can take the ferry or a boat to Moyogalpa on Ometepe Island (1 hour) ; to get to Ometepe you can take a bus (30 minutes) , taxi or motorcycle taxi to the Museum (15 minutes)



Ometepe Island

In Lake Nicaragua , called by the Spanish conquerors " freshwater sea " because of its immensity , stands an island similar to 8 whose name originates from the Nahuatl word meaning place Ometepetl two hills or volcanoes. Undoubtedly the island is a lost emerald chest of Nicaragua . Historically it is a birthplace of two great cultures : that of Mexico and in Guatemala.

El Ceibo Museums

Moisès Ghitis David Rivera ( creator and founder ) began at age 12 (1976 ) to collect bills, coins and antiquities which decided to share it with the public, transforming his home in what is now the Numismatic Museum and Precolombino being inaugurated on March 31, 2007...Read more